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Member benefits

For an individual, you're able to tell your story and get connected to a group of lawyers who will hear your case.
As a business, you're able to tell our members your type of business and location and any incentives they may have when supporting you.
And as a lawyer, you can listen to the case either brought up by an individual or business.

5 Great Reasons to Be a Member

1. Connection: You are connected to a larger group banded together to produce positive results.

2. Networking: You have many opportunities to network with individuals and businesses. 

3. Discounts on Goods & Services: Businesses have the opportunity of not only showing you their location, but adding any discounts for members.

4. Recognition: You can be recognized or can recognize other members.

5. Empowerment: You are part of a larger community!  You are empowered to get involved in issues that affect your personal and professional communities and your quality of life.

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About the association

wsFullSteamAhead is a non-profit membership society which links individuals and businesses and lawyers affected by government restrictions.


PO Box 74042 Henday Centre 
Innisfail, Alberta T4G 0C2

Give us a call: (403) 352-3558

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